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Introducing Productivist products

Productivist will offer a global solution with different layers accessible to the appropriate participants. with our customized apps and interactive web interfaces, manufacturers will be able to alter the official app and realise their own branded and customized apps.

A smart manufacturing dedicated protocol

Productivist’s eco-system

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Open, Public and Free

The Productivist Blockchain Project wishes to create a new standard for any manufacturing technology. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, we will be able to build an open system that will manage the chain of command of manufacturing 4.0 by decentralizing production: a remote and effective solution for manufacturers and their clients with secured data and transactions but also transparency.

Productivist as the base for manufacturing 4.0

The Productivist Solution is the next step in the Productivist Blockchain Project. It will allow companies of any size to reference their production capacities and make them available for new manufacturing projects. Our goal is to create a map of global expertise to ease the process of sourcing for potential buyers and also optimize machine use.

Productivist’s ghost protocol

The ghost mode will enable the protection of identity and facilitate collaboration with multiple manufacturers while protecting the key aspects of your products. Manufacturers can also benefit from anonymity allowing them to quote different prices to each client providing that they chose to operate in ghost mode.

Dedicated Blockchain Service

We offer a technology solution which will be a global market leader: a first of a kind service, targeting the manufacturing industry and providing it with a bespoke, smart management and distribution solution.

Freelabster : Production self service

Using the Productivist Blockchain Project’s technology, will be integrated as the first commercial brick of the system. It’s existing network of 3D printers will expand thanks to the blockchain and we will introduce the commercial usage of the ProducToken (PROD) as the currency of the platform.

Mutual Blockchain Service

By connecting all these machines to our trusted network, we can detect production time availability and send instructions to available machines. In addition, by means of Real-time monitoring the actual production level we can balance efforts between machines and set up a real solution for production schedule.

One Device to connect them all

Our smart devices acting as a peer would have the capability to validate blocks. By mining the Productivist blockchain, the usage of the system become free of any fee. The Smart device will integrate a wallet to receive orders and les for the system.

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A flexible concept

The Productivist eco-system is designed to be adaptable solution fo all sectors of manufacturing.

In ấn 3D
CNC (Điêu khiển bằng máy tính)
Đóng gói
Mô hình 3D
Kĩ thuật xây dựng
IOT (Internet vạn vật)
Công nghệ sinh học
Công nghệ nền tảng

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All technical speci cations and details about our Blockchain are listed into our Yellow Paper, available on the Productivist’s GitHub.

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Productivist Sách Trắng
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