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Introducing Productivist products

Productivist will offer a global solution with different layers accessible to the appropriate participants. with our customized apps and interactive web interfaces, manufacturers will be able to alter the official app and realise their own branded and customized apps.

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Productivist - 전 세계적인 분산화 생산을 관리하기 위해 중대형 회사/산업을 위한 SAAS 솔루션

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The visual Brick: Productivist SAAS

The Productivist SAAS is the next step in the Productivist Blockchain Project. It will allow companies of any size to reference their production capacities and make them available for new manufacturing projects.

Productivist is designed to meet such needs and provide the manufacturing industry with an integrated, cost effective offer. Our customized service provides the client with a bespoke, “in-house” service, but at the same time companies avoid delocalised outsourcing, ensuring that the required skill set remains local. Companies are therefore no longer hampered with heavy manufacturing overheads and manpower costs.


The community within Productivist will be an infinite resource of knowledge that can be consulted to ensure that the best technology or production method is chosen for the required project.


Productivist has the ambition to recruit manufacturers from all countries. This will not only ensure the best pricing but also production efficiency depending on proximity to the client or delivery costs/delays.


Through Productivist, manufacturers can manage the orders they receive, arrange them by priority and delivery deadlines, and focus only on making the best production they can.


Productivist allows manufacturers to make their machines available to outside projects and optimize their usage without having to prospect for new clients. The Productivist Timeline will display upcoming jobs, machine usage, and progress reports.


The timeline feature of Productivist provides a real-time monitoring of current projects. Multiple teams, multiple materials, multiple technologies, all gathered at a single location.

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All technical speci cations and details about our Blockchain are listed into our Yellow Paper, available on the Productivist’s GitHub.


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