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Introducing Productivist products

Productivist will offer a global solution with different layers accessible to the appropriate participants. with our customized apps and interactive web interfaces, manufacturers will be able to alter the official app and realise their own branded and customized apps.

Découvrez le PROD (ou ProducToken)

Le PROD sera utilisé comme jeton de service. La valeur de ces derniers augmentera en fonction de l'utilisation de l'éco-système.

Les fonds fiduciaires reçus pour l'achat de services par l'intermédiaire de l'écosystème Productivist seront transformés en jetons PROD.
Manufacturers will be able to decide either to be paid in PROD or in Fiat money.
Partnerships with change desks and listing on trading platform will enhance liquidity and fair value.

use our token for clients
Pour les clients

Achetez du PROD sur toutes les places de marché basées sur la blockchain Productivist et réglez:

  • Fabrication intelligente
  • Modélisation et Conception
  • Conseil
Pour les fabricants

Les fabricants seront incités à être payés en PROD. Les PROD seront stockés en toute sécurité dans des portefeuilles et seront négociables sur les bourses ou utilisés pour acheter du matériel et des machines.

Nous avons déjà des partenariats avec de multiples fournisseurs, dont :

owa armor logo masterprint logo
use our token for labs
Productivist eco-system market share

Productivist Market Perspectives

Based on published market research, we can estimate the future value of the smart-manufacturing market and the daily volume value of the PROD for the next few years.

60b €
Smart manufacturing market value
By 2018
321b €
Smart manufacturing market value
By 2025

Productivist Objectives

Marketshare obj.: 0,88%
Annual volume : 2.84b€
Daily volume : 7,78 M€
Estimated yearly volume for each PROD based on released token supply:
11.93€ per PROD. accepts PROD accepts PROD

More industrials companies use PROD and are part of the eco-system.
New marketplaces join Productivist and use the PROD.

Productivist eco-system governance

The board of director will consist of clients, advisors and manufacturers.

Image Foundation process

Strategic decisions and governance

Every important and strategic decisions will be unanimity voted by the foundation's board of directors.

Reserve management

The Productivist reserve will be held by the Productivist foundation that will ensure the stability of the rate during an order.

How the Compensation fund works

The compensation management exists to ensure the manufacturer get paid the right amount in FIAT he quoted. However, it will not stop the coin to rise in value.
Any time a partner is joining the ecosystem they will be asked to purchase a significant amount of tokens. The coin will also rise accordingly to the business performance of the entire ecosystem.


Pays in

The value of the PROD is covered by the foundation along the
production. e.g. 1 PROD = 0,1€ for 3 weeks production.
Stability of our token during weeks


At the end of the order, the manufacturer will be incentivized to keep and use his PROD to purchase material and machinery.
Manufacturers will also be able to change their tokens into FIAT thanks to a third party change bureau


At the end of the order, the manufacturer will be incentivized to keep and use his PROD to purchase material and machinery.
Manufacturers will also be able to change their tokens into FIAT thanks to a third party change bureau


The client payment (In FIAT) will be automatically changed to PROD during the order.

Productivist has built partnerships with DDEX and Bancor network. The PROD will be listed and tradable right after the ICO.

Productivist is planning being listed on the top crypto exchanges (list to be confirmed).

No more bank, Paypal or Stripe getting in the way

Productivist is planning to be listed on top crypto exchanges (the list is to be confirmed)
No more banking fee, borderless transactions.

Do you need help? Give us a call!

Contact Us

Do you have any question? Need help to purchase PROD?
Look for the “Chat” icon on the right side of your browser or just give us a call. Our internationnal team of Market Managers is here to assist you.
We are online from 9h to 18h CET & 24/7 on Telegram

Alice help photo
Alice Kennedy

English Support
+44 2037347568

Marina help photo
Marina Shaymukhametova

Russian Support
+7 4996092640

Dan help photo
Dan Yu

Chinese Support
+86 1087833211

Armel help photo
Armel Sadon

French Support
+33 (0)1 79 97 40 91

Familiarisez-vous avec le projet

Livre Blanc & Documents

Access to our Github

All technical speci cations and details about our Blockchain are listed into our Yellow Paper, available on the Productivist’s GitHub.

Livre blanc

Notre vision, notre mission, notre projet.

Livre Blanc allégé

Prenez un instant, pour en savoir plus sur notre projet.

Étude de cas

De quelle manière l'industrie automobile peut-elle utiliser Productivist.

Illustration de la Blockchain

Jetez un coup d'oeil à notre blockchain et nos applications.

Productivist Livre blanc
Productivist Livre blanc
Productivist Livre Blanc allégé
Productivist Étude de cas
Productivist Illustration de la Blockchain
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