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Introducing Productivist products

Productivist will offer a global solution with different layers accessible to the appropriate participants. with our customized apps and interactive web interfaces, manufacturers will be able to alter the official app and realise their own branded and customized apps.

A device to connect them all

In order to develop connectivity for all hardware, we are creating a smart device allowing any machine or system to connect to the Productivist Blockchain Project.


Manufacture time of a 3D print can vary greatly depending on its materials and complexity. This makes the process impossible to scale for an order of more than one item. Freelabster allows real-time balancing of the production capacities.

When a project is too big it is automatically split between available printers to shorten the delays and optimize the global production.


One of the main issue of manufacturing is counterfeiting. Thanks to the blockchain technology, we will be able to compare the models used for the production with the models provided by the client or the company owning the patent. This will make piracy trackable and ensure the quality and compliance of the products.

For example, an appliances manufacturer cannot publish a 3D model of his spare parts unless he is certain it won’t be modified and printed on his behalf. Modifying the model of a key component could create risks of overheating or malfunctions and endanger users. The DRM validation will act as a warranty sticker, void if tampered, and ensure that printed parts will have the conformity required by the original manufacturer.


The anonymity provided by the blockchain system will ensure purchasers that the specifications of their products are protected within a distributed manufacturing system.

The ghost mode will enable the protection of identity and facilitate collaboration with multiple manufacturers while protecting the key aspects of the products. Manufacturers can also benefit from anonymity allowing them to quote different prices to each client providing that they chose to operate in ghost mode.


Clients will optimize their supply chain by multiplying their production locations without having to invest in new manufacturing capacities. Productivist will allow purchasers to produce their products all around the globe, limiting delivery and carrying costs.

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Whitepaper & Documents

Access to our Github

All technical speci cations and details about our Blockchain are listed into our Yellow Paper, available on the Productivist’s GitHub.

White Paper

Our vision, our mission, our project.

Light White Paper

Have an instant understanding about the project.

Case Study

How the automotive industry can use Productivist.

BlockChain Illustration

Have a closer look at our Blockchain and the apps.

Productivist White Paper
Productivist White Paper
Productivist Light White Paper
Productivist Case Study
Productivist BlockChain Illustration
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