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Productivist will offer a global solution with different layers accessible to the appropriate participants. with our customized apps and interactive web interfaces, manufacturers will be able to alter the official app and realise their own branded and customized apps.

Production Scoring System

The Productivist Scoring System provides clients with an unrivaled selection process. Rapid, accurate and highly efficient, this process facilitates a manufacturing-client match.

On the Productivist platform, all information on clients and manufacturers will be recorded on smart contracts and used to calculate intervenants scores. For example, the system will interrogate the manufacturers’ material, location, experience, availability and manufacturing capacity according to each client’s needs and priorities.

The scoring system is a statistical screening method. Client and Manufacturer data made available to Productivist is used to generate a score between 100 and 1,000. Potential risks will be reflected in these scores. The higher the score of a Manufacturer, the lower the risk for a client to experience a lower quality production. In the same way the higher the score of a manufacturer, the greater the chance for a client to build a long-lasting production relationship on mutually beneficial terms.

To demonstrate such a selection process more clearly, an example (see below) of a client working in the Aerospace industry has been used. This client has three main criteria. He requires high quality metal 3D printing, to be completed within a tight deadline. The system has allocated the client, by use of a scoring checklist. This list has been calculated according to the limits of his requirements and constraints. The score allocated in this case is 950. Productivist’s system will identify compatible manufacturers for the client by requesting the blockchain for the relevant information. With an extensive network of thousands of manufacturers powered by different technologies, traditional methods of evaluating numerous factors such as availability and skill set, would be timely and not cost effective.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain, the process is a rapid calculation whereby those manufacturers who do not meet the required skills-set, technological equipment and manpower are eliminated and then scored by means of a manufacturer index.

The system in this example selects all those manufacturers which have a 950+ score. Productivist system uses this information, in turn, to refine the search by selecting those who have the required materials, optimum geographical location, and can meet the deadline.

By using this method, a selection of ideal matches will have been rapidly identified for the client. Once this information is established, the first manufacturer to take the project will get the job.

The scoring system offers the client with a two step filtering process therefore ensuring that the selection of the best manufacturer suited to product/ client’s profile. Importantly it should be noted that manufacturer’s score will be set at the creation of the account but will be ajustable at any time. The pricing will be accordingly set both on the score of the client and the manufacturer.

A manufacturer that wants to increase his score will be incentivized to produce the best production service. The score will evolve constantly with every order and according to client feedback.

Productivist’s individual score will be based on data from many sources, including:

  • Information from project and request for quotation (RFQ);
  • Previous payment performance;
  • Historic of past productions;
  • Machinery;
  • Accreditations and Certifications (ISO…);
  • Company informations;
  • Publicly available information.

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Productivist White Paper
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