Entering Manufacturing 4.0

The first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities

Agile, Productive, Efficient

Productivist’s Mission

Create an open data stream whereby private companies of any scale and individuals can help power the industrial Revolution 4.0.

Productivist’s Blockchain Project aims to innovate the way we currently work, creating a new standard for smart manufacturing production.

Thanks to the Blockchain, our open eco-system will manage the manufacturing 4.0 chain of command, decentralizing the production.
A remote, secure, effective solution for manufacturers and their clients ensuring, not only secured data, but also transparency.


Productivist : Engineering Success

Today’s decentralized production market
Congestion image
Congestion Causing
  • Inneficiency
  • Expensive Sourcing
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Unverifiable track record
  • No Progress tracking
  • Lack of IP Protection
  • Logistics time and Cost
  • Ecological Imprint
Decentralized Production market by Productivist
Decentralized image
Productivist Project Benefits
  • Efficiency in all processes
  • Inexpensive sourcing
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Verifiable track record
  • Real time progress tracking
  • Full IP Protection
  • Manufactured in the same region
  • Low transportation, better manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing Market Size

Numerous market studies forecast that by 2025 smart manufacturing (including 3D printing IoT and Artificial intelligence) will be valued at $395.2 Billion.

* Source : Grand View Research, Inc

Savings with a solution like Productivist

Average total savings for companies in the industrial-equipment sector if they combined autonomous robots, AI, Blockchain, big data and 3D printing.

* Source : Industry X.O - Accenture

A Flexible Concept

Smart Manufacturing

Image pyramids
One blockchain
Multiple technologies

The Productivist eco-system is designed to be adaptable solution for all sectors of manufacturing.

3D Printing
3D Modeling
Bio Technology
Deep Technology

Smart Contract

PROD Scoring System image
PROD Scoring System

Productivist’s AI finds the best match

client image

When a project is created by a buyer through any Productivist's app the system will perform a due diligence on the client and evaluate the project and his needs.

Smart Contract image
Productivist’s Smart Contract
Manufacturer image

When the right manufacturers are selected they will be offered the opportunity to bid on the project with their best price and deadlines.

Services leading the way

Productivist aims to offer an open and technological solution to all those who wish to be part of the manufacturing 4.0 by launching new decentralized production services.

Agile, Productive, Efficient


Productivist - a SAAS solution for medium and large companies / industries, to manage decentralized production worldwide.

Open to all service providers

With Productivist, they can do more

Any platform would be able to use the blockchain and realise their own branded and customized apps.

Shared Blockchain Service
Happy3D logo

Happy3D is a first of the kind 3D printed repair parts directory and 3d printing service provider. The site is edited by Boulanger, one of the biggest compliance retail store chain in France.

Shared Blockchain Service
Openwood logo

OpenWood is a cooperative initiative which shares resources and facilitates collaboration amongst carpenters. By using Productivist’s blockchain, Openwood is able to organise its production and ensure furniture traceability.

PROD tokens will be usable within all marketplaces using the Productivist Blockchain.

The self-service production marketplace


Freelabster.com is a 3D printing platform putting those who need 3D printing in contact with those owners of 3D printers.

Companies that showed interest to be part of an ecosystem like Productivist

Want to know what got all these companies interested? Check our case study

* Logos for information only. This companies are not partners and publicly showed interest into a solution like Productivist and 3D printing in general.

Meet the PROD (or ProducToken)

The PROD will be used as utility token. Their value will rise according to the commercial usage of the eco- system.

The fiat money received to purchase services through the Productivist’s ecosystem will be changed into PROD tokens.
Manufacturers will be able to decide either to be paid in PROD or in Fiat money.
Partnerships with change desks and listing on trading platform will enhance liquidity and fair value.

use our token for clients
For Clients

Use the PROD on every marketplaces based on the Productivist Blockchain and purchase :

  • Smart manufacturing
  • Modeling and Design
  • Consulting
For Manufacturers

Manufactures will be incentivized to be paid in PROD. The ProducTokens will be securly stored in wallets and will be tradable on exchanges or used to buy materials & machinery.

We already have partnerships with multiple supliers including:

owa armor logo masterprint logo
use our token for labs


Q1 2016

Freelabster.com is born in France.

Q2 2016

Freelabster.com open in IT, ES, GER and GB.

Q3 2016

First partnerships signed and the community keep growing.

Q4 2016

1500 certified Freelabsters and 6 000 3D printers linked to the plateform.

Q1 2017

Important market research leads to new partnerships with major companies.

Q2 2017

Democratization of 3D printing requires a new and more global approach.
Freelabster.com open in BE, NL & PT.
The site is translated in Chinese and we start working with Chinese industrial partners.

Q3 2017

Big industrial companies require us to create a SAAS service to handle internal and external 3D printing.

Q4 2017

The concept of Productivist is born. First prototypes of the product and the blockchain.

Q1 2018

The Productivist Team is full-time devoted to the project, the whitepaper and all documents are published on our new website : ico.productivist.com.

Q2 2018

The Productivist concept is mature and ready to be developped.
Productivist PRE-ICO announced.
The PROD token is listed on major crypto Exchanges

Q3 2018

The Productivist Blockchain concept is launched.
The PROD tokens are distributed.
CxO recruitements.

Q4 2018

The Productivist Blockchain V1 is realeased.
The smart device hits alpha version.
Opening in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Q1 2019

Freelabster.com is migrated to our blockchain, tokens can now be used to purchase services.
API and SDK to connect to the Productivist blockchain is published, any marketplace can use the blockchain technology and accept PROD as currency.
Productivist Business team recuitments.

Q2 2019

The Productivist SAAS service goes live. First Industrial partners start using the service.
Opening in South America, Asia, Australia and Russia.

Q3 2019

New marketplaces are using the Productivist Standard.
The PROD is widely used within the global ecosystem.
Opening in Canada and preparation to launch in the USA.

Q4 2019

The smart device device hits beta version.
Productivist.com open registrations to any kind of companies (Industrial, Retail and SME).

Q1 2020

The Smart device is marketed and sold to individual and companies.
CNC technology is implemented into the Productivist ecosystem.

Q2 2020

All manufacturing verticals are integrated to the ecosystem.
Opening in the USA.

Q3 2020

V2 of the Smart device frimware after feedbacks for users.

Q4 2020

Consolidation of the global ecosytem.

Next stops

Roadshow Calendar

Middle East Office

Visit us anytime!
Dubai, UAE

European Office

Visit us anytime!
Nice, France


20-21 March 2018
Hong Kong, China

World Blockchain Forum : Investment & ICOs

16-17 April 2018
Dubai, UAE


In the Media

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Hand-picked expertise


The Productivist Blockchain Project’s team has been built around the expertise of Freelabster’s founders.

It has grown and developed in technical knowedge making it today a highly proficient team of blockchain experts and industry specialists.

benjamin team photo
Benjamin Pestel

Co-Founder & CEO

stanislas team photo
Stanislas Gobert

Co-Founder & CTO

melissa team photo
Mélissa Ibghi

Co-Founder & CLO

Mazen team photo
Mazen Gharbi

Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer

Álvaro team photo
Álvaro Canton

Co-founder & Head of Communications

Martha team photo
Martha Scott

Strategy & Business Developer (EN)

Han xu wang team photo
Han xu wang

Additive Manufacturing

Benoit team photo
Benoit Benich

System Administrator

Nicolas team photo
Nicolas Merle

Blockchain Leader

Luc Yriarte team photo
Luc Yriarte, phd

Blockchain Engineer

Jeremie team photo
Jeremie François, phd

Blockchain Engineer

Zine-eddine team photo
Zine-eddine Hasni

Blockchain Engineer

Marcos team photo
Marcos Carvalho

Digital Strategist

Sandro team photo
Sandro Tavares

Designer / UI/UX

Ana team photo
Ana Sousa

Designer / Illustrator

Nicolas team photo
Nicolas Trimardeau

Traffic Manager

The advisors behind the project


In addition to our multi-talented team, we are extremely proud to acknowledge and thank those CEO’s and leading intellectuals who give their advice and support; sharing with us their area of expertise.

patrick advisor photo
Patrick Musso

Head of economics Research at CNRS National Center for Scientific Research.

jean-marie advisor photo
Jean-Marie Le sueur

Owner of Asterwind CO. Ltd, 30+ years experience in Manufacturing & Supply Chain.

doppler advisor photo
Daniel Doppler

President at Colossal Factory and experienced in artificial intelligence.

sebastien advisor photo
Sébastien Griffon

CTO of Play it open, expert in smart contract and traceability application.
Ethereum developer.

julien advisor photo
Julien Gobert

Payment specialist at Worldline, head of development, International Issuing Back Office

First class technology to become a global market standard

BlockChain Logos

Reliable Blockchain tech

Logo IBM Logo Linux

Hyperledger fits perfectly within the constraints of the decentralized production market.

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Where the revolution begins

Productivist's Token Sale

  • Start Date To be announced soon
  • Instrument PROD
  • Token Name ProducToken
  • Token Standard ERC-20
  • Exchange Rate 1 PROD = 1€
  • Token Supply 100,000,000 PROD
  • Min Purchase 1 PROD
  • Hard Cap Equivalent of 50 Million € EUR
  • Soft Cap If less than the equivalent of 3 million € EUR in proceeds have been received by the Token Sale End Date (the “Mini- mum Raise”), then all funds raised will be returned to participants.
  • Total Supply Initially 61,7 million PROD tokens (61,7%) are allocated to the Token Sale. The final amount will depend on the bonuses that would be applied to the token sale. All unsold tokens will be burned.
  • Tradable &
    ProducToken is ERC20-compliant, thus making it liquid and tradable on all exchanges. The Productivist’s employee will be fully dedicated to the promotion of the token and to manage relation with exchanges.

Payment Methods

1 PROD = 1€ / $1.22 / 0.00014 BTC / 0.0022 ETH / 0.0072 LTC / 335 DOGE / 0.003 DASH

The averages are valid as of now and are shown for reference only

Pre-ico PRE-ICO Pre-ico Hardcap 3 000 000,00 € Starts in To be announced soon 35% 1€ = 1,35 PROD
Round 1 ICO Round 1 Hardcap 25 000 000,00 € To be announced soon 25% 1€ = 1,25 PROD
Round 2 ICO Round 2 Hardcap 22 000 000,00 € To be announced soon 20% 1€ = 1,2 PROD
Round 3 ICO Round 3 Hardcap 20 000 000,00 € To be announced soon 15% 1€ = 1,15 PROD
Round 4 ICO Round 4 Hardcap 20 000 000,00 € To be announced soon 10% 1€ = 1, PROD
Token Distribution
*A foundation will be created to manage the reserve and will be independent from the Productivist Blockchain project.
Use of Proceeds


The first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities.
Our hard cap is 65 million (65%) PROD tokens or 50 million € for the ICO participants.
The dates will be announced soon. Join our Telegram group to be the first to know.
Yes. Check the timeline to find the %.
You will find our smart contract on our Github.
Yes you can. You can send cryptos from Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance...
During your KYC process, you will be asked to provide your Ethereum address to receive your tokens.
During the potential account verification (KYC) we may require a proof of ID and proof of address. Citizens or residents of the United States, China and Singapore (or any other jurisdictions, where participation in the Productivist token distribution event is or may be considered unlawful or illegal) are not allowed to participate.
Tokens will be delivered with smart contract shortly after the ICO ends.
You can join our Telegram group.
Just signup to ico.productivist.com/tokensale and follow the steps.
At this point we are unfortunately not able to reveal information regarding exchanges. It will be published after our ICO.
Be aware that a Productivist’s employee will have the full-time mission to promote the ProducToken and list the coin into majors Exchanges.
Yes we have. Signup on ico.productivist.com/tokensale to get you referral link. More informations in the Bounty & Referral PDF document.
Yes we have. Signup on ico.productivist.com/tokensale to apply to Bounties. More informations in the Bounty & Referral PDF document.

Get to know the project better

Whitepaper & Documents

White Paper

Our vision, our mission, our project.

Light White Paper

Have an instant understanding about the project.

Bounty & Referral Program

Productivist’s bounty & referral program is designed to spread the word about our goals and development progress with the help of community.
A bounty program participant is welcomed to write or share posts about our vision and mission.

Pitch Deck

Understand our mission and project.

BlockChain Illustration

Have a closer look to our Blockchain and the apps.

Case Study

How the automotive industry can use Productivist.

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms...and the conditions.